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Providing of Candidates for Temporary or Permanent Placement

At GSSC, our executive search firm recognizes that no two companies are alike. In order to build a robust and sustainable workforce, we start off by analyzing your short and long-term goals. Our recruiters will study your market and immerse themselves in your company's culture. This is done to gain better insight and a deeper understanding of existing workers' passions and personalities. This innovative approach to executive search has allowed us to accurately identify top candidates with the right combination of personality, expertise, and initiatives. We also understand the urgency of your need to fill critical positions fast, so we act quickly.

Candidate Screening

The Planning Phase

Our team starts by conducting face-to-face meetings with you in order to fully understand your needs and expectations on any given search. In addition to our direct recruiting networks, we use a variety of innovative tools to find the strongest candidates. As an example, we study competing markets that may attract similar talent and then conduct in-depth research to find select candidates within targeted companies.

How Potential Candidates Are Sourced

The next step of the recruitment process is to reach out to prospective candidates. We have a consultative approach that gains us access to targeted candidates, and we’re continually updating the talent mapping within our database that features millions of profiles and organizational charts covering the landscape. This enables us to “cherry pick”, pinpoint the most qualified targets in an instant, and this databank is continually refreshed through our sourcing efforts from both external partnerships and internal sources.

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Closing the Deal

We take pride in our abilities as skillful closers. At the end of the day, we aim to find executives for your team who are excited about accepting your offer.