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A Staffing Agency That Pools Resources To Find the Best Hires

At GSSC, our staffing agency believes that when workforces are happy, employee turnover rates are lowered and productivity levels skyrocket through the roof. As such, our business consultants work diligently to bridge the divide between companies' and candidates' expectations. We are committed to being stewards of innovation and openly facilitate communication between both parties throughout the process.

Agent Doing Phone Calls

Mapping Top Talent

"The best candidates are often inundated with agency phone calls, and since some aren't always motivated to pursue new job opportunities, we listen, learn, and develop trust. Through this relationship-building phase, we analyze potential executives' personal and professional goals. Our consultants will also determine if these are being met at their current places of employment."

- Jeff Biggiani

A Win-Win Setup

Our reputation as both a client and a candidate advocate ultimately precedes us. Our team consistently works to define professionals who are in positions to consider a move that would benefit their careers and families. We reiterate that we have their own welfare at stake and aren't only acting on the needs of our clients.